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Avaz Aarambh


Avaz Aarambh

A parent training course to set your child up to succeed using the Avaz app!

What you will learn:

Begin using Avaz regularly

Key strategies and practical ideas to help you and your child to get comfortable and start using Avaz.

Make Avaz suit your child’s needs

Customize and set up Avaz for your child’s individual needs, their interests and environment.

Expressive Communication

Encourage expressive communication across contexts – protesting, greetings and more.

Course Details

Get the best training from experienced Avaz and AAC experts.

What You Get

  • 3 sessions, 1 hour each of LIVE INTERACTIONS with a speech therapist who specializes in Avaz.
  • Videos of how to use Avaz and Q&A session with the expert.
  • Reference resources and Home Practice Materials will be shared for Hands on experience at home.


Rs.999/- (Course fee + free 30 day subscription*)

  • Free Avaz Subscription
  • For users with trial version of Avaz (active/ expired) and monthly subscription – 1 month of Avaz subscription free (worth Rs.300)
  • For annual Users – 2 months of Avaz subscription free (worth Rs.600)
  • For Lifetime users – 2 month of Avaz Subscription free (worth INR 600) for any user that you refer


Parents who have just started using Avaz or want to re-start their child’s communication journey.



Nayantara Nambiar

Speech Language Pathologist

Anjana, SLP, Avaz Inc

Anjana Sathyabodha

Speech Language Pathologist

Session Schedule

Session 1:
Learn to Customize Avaz

Date : Sep 27, MON
Time: 2- 3 PM

  • Set-up Avaz for your child’s needs 
  • Add vocabulary related to your child’s interests 
  • Learn how kids are using Avaz in their daily life

Session 2:
Learn key strategies to teach
your child

Date : Oct 1, FRI
Time: 2- 3 PM

  • Modelling and prompting
  • How to acknowledge and reinforce
  • How to motivate communication 

Session 3:
Teach your child to communicate

Date : Oct 6, WED
Time: 2- 3 PM

  • Practical ideas to teach your child:
  • to request for their needs 
  • greet family members 
  • Express protest or reject
  • Incorporating Avaz into your child’s life

Terms and Conditions

  • Have an active AVAZ subscription (trial or monthly or lifetime) through the course
  • No refund under any circumstances once the program has begun
  • No certificates to be issued to participants
  • Avaz Inc. is the owner of all the course content. Sharing it with others is a violation of copyright law and strictly prohibited.


  1. English will be the only medium of instruction.
  2. For max benefit from the course, attendance for all sessions and participation in home-practice is essential.