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Avaz AAC Features

Picture and text based communication app for people with special needs.


Learn your child’s language within the app

Avaz gives you ideas of conversations you can have with your child to develop their language skills beyond just requesting. And best of all, it teaches you where to find the words that you’ll use on the app!


Think like a therapist with Comm Adventures

The Comm Adventures mini-game teaches you the strategies to engage your child and speed up communication development in a simple, practical way.


Integrate AAC in your child’s life!

The Activity Dashboard helps you integrate Avaz into your child’s life, one activity at a time. It gives you conversation ideas, strategies, and modeling training for the most frequent activities of daily living.


Visualize your child’s progress

Avaz keeps track of your child’s communication development, and helps you visualize it through rich, easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Avaz Analytics makes it easy for your child’s therapist to measure their progress and keep therapy evidence-based.


A bridge to literacy

Avaz is more than an AAC app, it’s a bridge to your child’s literacy because reading and writing are the keys to inclusion. The powerful Avaz keyboard is always just one tap away.


No spelling? No problem!

Avaz has the most sophisticated prediction in the AAC world. Keyboard prediction corrects for spelling mistakes, and can be set up so that predictions only appear after a few seconds, making it perfect for emerging spellers. Plus, pictures!


Your most frequent phrases, one tap away

You can save and load phrases in the keyboard mode in just a single tap — with the Load and Save keys. Quick, one-tap access to 40 save slots helps constructing sentences a breeze.


The fastest, easiest customization in any AAC app

Takes only seconds to add words to Avaz, and add many of them all at once. You’ll have Avaz programmed with all the words in your child’s life in minutes. Best of all, it’s so simple you can teach all the child’s caregivers to do it.


AAC that you can use even without an iPad!

The only AAC app that allows you to print out your child’s vocabulary as a book, which you can carry with you – even into the bath or the pool. Lets you make Avaz truly a part of your child’s life, even when the battery runs out.


Personalize Avaz features with the Settings Wizard

You don’t have to attend a workshop to know how to personalize Avaz’s features! The Avaz Settings Wizard asks you a few questions about your child and sets up the app with the most appropriate settings.


Built for your child to learn faster and recall better

The only AAC app that reinforces word selection with animation, so that your child is able to learn and recall better. Color-coding with the Fitzgerald key makes Avaz consistent with other special-ed materials in your child’s classroom.


Vocabulary that grows with your child

3 grades of core words based vocabulary, with consistent layout and motor patterns across grades and quick access to frequently used sentences. The vocabulary is organized to facilitate pragmatic breadth — not just requesting!


Your data is safe and shareable

Link Avaz to Dropbox to keep your vocabulary safe and synced across the devices your child uses. You can also use the import and export feature to share pages with other Avaz users.