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Avaz AAC: How a Robust AAC App Supports Communicators

Child talking using Avaz AAC

What should we look for in a communication app?

The primary goal of any communication system such as speech generating device (SGD), AAC app, or a communication board is to develop the communication skills of people with complex communication needs. However, robust AAC systems can do much more. They can also support language acquisition and literacy development.

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Communication Autonomy

The AAC system we choose for our communicators should support their communication autonomy. For this to happen, it should support SNUG, which is Spontaneous Novel Utterance Generation. This allows the communicator to say whatever they want to, whenever they want to.

When there is extensive vocabulary, a communicator will be able to freely express themselves. They can say they are feeling ‘Happy’, ‘Very Happy’, ‘Excited’, ‘Ecstatic’, ‘Optimistic’, etc to accurately convey their thoughts.

Communicative Purposes

AAC systems should support all communicative functions.

It should have customised vocabulary that enables communicators to tell a joke, share information, and for all other purposes of communication.

Quick phrases in Avaz AAC allow communicators to quickly express their ideas.

‘I don’t like it’ – Expressing preferences

‘Stop it!’ – Protesting

‘I want a break’ – Requesting

It’s About The Communicator

Each communicator has their own unique interests and challenges. The AAC system should allow the communicators to show off their personalities.

Core vocabulary and fringe vocabulary are both important for an individual’s communicative needs. So, choose an AAC system that you can personalize by adding custom vocabulary that the communicator would need.

Every feature included in Avaz AAC app is the result of meticulous research and invaluable inputs from renowned experts and experienced professionals in the field of AAC and assistive technology.

Features of Avaz AAC App In a Nutshell

The most common and heartwarming feedback we receive about Avaz AAC is how user-friendly it is. Effortless communication is definitely one of the app’s end goals. So, the app’s design and layout are also focused on providing communication autonomy. Here is a brief look at some of the exceptional features of Avaz AAC and how they arm AAC users with the power to communicate:

Easy Customization

Customizing Avaz is simple and uncomplicated. You can add multiple words and images at one go (in picture mode). Once you type in all the words to add, the app adds relevant icons with respective images, color code automatically in no time!  

Adding images to an AAC app has never been easier. You can search the web for copyright-free images from within the app. 

Powerful Keyboard Mode

Picture support for Text Mode: This helps users make a smooth transition from pictures to text.

Phonetic Match: This feature helps early language learners and those with language deficits by performing a spell check on misspelt words.

Low Tech Version of App Vocabulary (as a PDF)

You can take a printout of the entire Avaz vocabulary that can serve as a low-tech option for the user. This ensures that the user is not left without a voice in environments where high tech AAC use is not feasible.

Comprehensive Communication Partner Training

Avaz Dashboard has a training module designed to help caregivers become fluent with the app. It  teaches them therapist-recommended strategies for communication, and suggests simple practical ideas that they could use to model words across different activities throughout the day.

Extensive Vocabulary for Boundless Expression

Avaz offers three levels of inbuilt vocabulary sets (levels 1,2 and 3) that can be completely customized, depending on the user’s needs. The vocabulary sets are pragmatically organized. This facilitates a wide range of pragmatic communication and expression such as greetings, expressing an opinion, commenting, protesting, etc.

Moreover, Avaz AAC app is also compatible with several more messaging and social media platforms including Text, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp  etc. 

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