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Play ‘Who’s the Boss?’ with AAC

Simon says AAC gameNo, this is not a new game we’ve invented. It’s just a more fun name for the old favorite Simon Says! Who wouldn’t love to be the boss and order others around? It’s loads of fun for kids and the bonus is that this encourages AAC use. Because which kid would want to miss out on an opportunity to turn the tables and dictate what parents do.

How to Play:

When the player prefaces a command with “Simon says’ (or  ‘The Boss says’ 😎), others simply have to follow the command. Get creative with commands and you’ll have the whole family roaring with laughter during the game. Some examples of commands are: Make a silly face, bark like a dog, mimic a cat, do a crazy dance, sing a gibberish song, etc. Create a folder in your AAC system and add several phrases with audio for the commands.

Remember if the player communicates a command without saying ‘Simon says’ and you go on to follow the command, you are out of the game. So, keep your ears open for this one.

Simon Says on AAC

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